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All About Beyond the Pages


I am a dedicated reader, bookstagrammer, a lover of paperbacks, and the one thing I adore most is owning signed books. 

I realised that in Australia we don't have Limited or Exclusive Options when it comes to a dedicated Romance Book Box. And so this box was born. 
I am proud to be offering a unique box in Australia, showing all of my customers the quality and care they deserve with every box. What has truly blown me away is the support from International Customers, to have created a box that all book lovers can enjoy far and wide. 

At Beyond the Pages, I believe in creating unique experiences for everyone. I offer boxes that let you indulge, satisfy your inner bookworm, enjoy life and receive sweet surprises more often.

Each item and book has been chosen by myself and is an item or book/author that I adore! The covers and interiors reflect the books chosen, each one carefully designed with the book in mind. 

Each box will be unique with its inclusions, and each box will have a different theme with a wide variety of Authors in each box. 

My mission statement for the boxes from the start was to support small, this includes small businesses, with a focus on mums in business and to also give back. I am honoured to announce that every box purchased from Beyond the Pages has a donation made to a charity of choice for the month. In 2022/2023 financial year Beyond the Pages has donated just over $70 000 to charities such as Language Disorder Australia, Dementia Australia, Lifeline and more. 

I will continue to support charities and champion small businesses and I hope you love the boxes as much as I do. 

Charli xx

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