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The 2023 Boxes

Take a look at the boxes that have released so far in 2023.

These boxes are created with love and passion for the books contained inside. Every element is carefully planned, every item included is tailored to the book or books and I adore the special touches of foil, glow in the dark or colour interiors! 

The Second Anniversary Box

Two years of the boxes and wow how they have evolved over time. THANK YOU to all who purchased this special box, the customers and people who have supported me in the last two years. The friendships and connections I have made is something I will always treasure.

The Anniversary Box is always a special box to me, they are books that have truly touched my heart in some way and this year was no exception.

One person who I can't say thank you enough to is the amazing Samantha Blundell, who never fails to inspire me with her gorgeous designs! She truly is a gem!
Covers and interiors designed by S
ammi Bee Designs.

A HUGE THANK YOU to the Authors who I absolutely adore :
Jewel E Ann
LJ Shen
Auden Dar

Bath Bomb supplied by Nannas Naturals there was a mix of two scents, both inspired by the books in the box!

Stickers and Custom Tumbler created and designed by Koenig Design (stickers not shown)

Chocolates by Poppys Chocolate a local chocolate factory to me!

Watch this space for what is coming next...

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